Welcome to Ruth G. Shaw’s Research Group in the Department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior at the University of Minnesota

We study evolutionary processes in contemporary plant populations. A central goal of our research is to clarify the dynamics of evolutionary change in nature, using a combination of quantitative genetics, population biology, and field experiments. Recurring and ongoing themes of our research include adaptation to climate change and evolutionary consequences of severe fragmentation of populations. Explore this site further for descriptions of our current work.


  • The Healthy Prairies has been re-funded for another 3 years! Stay tuned for data on local adaptation and adaptive capacity in prairie plants and plant-microbe interactions.
  • Seema Sheth has secured a faculty position in the Department of Plant and Microbial Biology at North Carolina State University. Congratulations Seema!
  • Matthew Gullickson will be starting an M.S. program with Dr. Mary Rogers here at the University of Minnesota.
  • Emma Boehm has an internship with NASA researching how plants grow in zero gravity.

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