News Archive

Spring 2019

  • Naomi Rushing and Anna Peschel have been awarded the Walter Crosby Grant from the University of Minnesota Graduate School for research funds! Congratulations!
  • Whitney Watson was accepted into the Wildlife Ecology MS program at UW Madison. Congratulations Whitney!
  • Ruth Shaw has been elected president of the Society for the Study of Evolution. Congratulations Ruth!
  • Nicholas Goldsmith has successfully defended his dissertation. Congratulations Nicholas!
  • Ruth Shaw has been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Congratulations Ruth!
  • Will Reed has graduated from the U of M – CONGRATULATIONS, Will!! and moved on to the Ph.D. program at the University of Colorado, where he will work with Nancy Emery.  Best wishes to you, Will!!!
  • Shelby Flint and her co-authors, Ruth and Nicholas Jordan, have a paper published in Ecological Applications. Flint, S. A., Jordan, N. R. and Shaw, R. G. (2018), Plant community response to switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) population source in establishing prairies. Ecol Appl. . doi:10.1002/eap.1772

Spring 2018

  • Gina Quiram will be joining the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources as a Restoration Evaluation Specialist. Congratulations Gina!
  • Anna Peschel has passed her preliminary exams and is now a PhD Candidate. Congratulations Anna!
  • The Healthy Prairies Project has been re-funded for another 3 years! Stay tuned for data on local adaptation and adaptive capacity in prairie plants and plant-microbe interactions.
  • Seema Sheth has secured a faculty position in the Department of Plant and Microbial Biology at North Carolina State University. Congratulations Seema!

Spring 2017

Winter 2016-17

  • As of December 1st, Mason, Rachel and technician Becca Tucker finished planting the 3rd (and final planned) cohort of Chamaecrista fasciculata seeds. Many thanks to Vince Eckert and his students for their help, and congratulations!
  • Nicholas, Shelby and Ruth were awarded $2,700 from the Institute on the Environment for their project, “Planting prairies: Collaboration for increasing native seed for restoration”. Stay tuned as the work unfolds!
  • Anna and her co-authors have a paper in press at Ecology Letters: Cline, L.C., D.R. Zak, R.A. Upchurch, Z. Freedman, and A.R. Peschel. Soil microbial communities and elk migratory behavior: implications for soil biogeochemical cycling in the sagebrush steppe. Congratulations, Anna!

Fall 2016

  • The Healthy Prairies Project is very busy in the field – wild-harvesting seed from remnant prairies; installing the 2nd phase of a multi-site, long-term experiment assessing the geographic scale of local adaptation in 6 native prairie species; and collecting 2 rounds of data on the 2 species sown into that experiment last year.
  • The Chamaecrista Project is having a very busy season – stay tuned for results!
  • Sam Weaver, a former NSF REU student with the Shaw Group has entered the EEB Graduate Program where he is co-advised by Suzanne McGaugh and Ken Kozak.

Spring-Summer 2016

  • Amber successfully defended her dissertation, Fitness and adaptive capacity in a Minnesota prairie.  She is now a Future Faculty Fellow in the Lotterhos and Hughes labs at Northeastern University. Congratulations, Amber!
  • Samantha DelSerra (EEB, co-advisor: Peter Tiffin) and Naomi Rushing (EEB) joined the research group.
  • Mason Kulbaba joined the lab as the post-doctoral research assistant for the Chamaecrista Project.
  • Rachel was hired by the Science Museum of Minnesota. She has been focusing on ethnobotanical exhibits at the museum while continuing her work with the Chamaecrista project.
  • Ruth and her co-authors recently published an invited paper in the American Journal of Botany. Titled Project Baseline: An unprecedented resources to study plant evolution across space and time, it focuses on the living gene bank created by Project Baseline.

Winter 2015-16

  • In January, Seema will begin an NSF postdoctoral fellowship using biological collections to study the origins of diversity in the California flora. She will be working with David Ackerly and Bruce Baldwin at UC Berkeley. Congratulations, Seema!
  • Shelby has been hired as an adjunct assistant professor at St. Olaf College for the spring 2016 semester; she will be teaching “Conservation Biology”. Congratulations, Shelby!
  • Laura will be taking an extended trip to southeast Asia; her destinations include Thailand and Vietnam.
  • The Chamaecrista Project team have successfully concluded their second field season.

Fall 2015

  • Amber was featured in Winds of Change magazine. Read her story here.
  • Our research group had a busy summer! Marcus and Shelby both successfully defended their dissertations, Shelby and Kane began postdoctoral positions with the Healthy Prairies project, and Anna joined the Conservation Biology Graduate Program as a Ph.D. student advised by Ruth! We are happy that Shelby and Anna are staying near, and we warmly welcome Kane as a new member of our group!
  • Amber, Kane, Nicholas and Seema traveled to Baltimore in August for ESA’s Centennial Meeting.
  • Many of us spent a lot of time doing field work in Minnesota and Iowa prairies this summer, and we will continue to do so this fall. Stay tuned as the data roll in!

Summer 2015

  • Vince Eckhart, Greg Margida, and Sam Sokolsky from Grinnell College came up for a visit in July. It was great to share our Chamaecrista research projects with one another and give them a tour of our Minnesota field sites!
  • Shelby is beginning a postdoctoral position on the Healthy Prairies project. We are happy that she’ll remain a part of the Shaw Research Group!
  • Shelby defended her dissertation “Translocating Panicum virgatum L.: Performance, Community Impact, and Competitive Outcome” to obtain her Ph.D. in the Conservation Biology Graduate Program. Congratulations, Dr. Flint!
  • The manuscript entitled “The susceptibility of Echinacea angustifolia to a specialist aphid: eco-evolutionary perspective on genotypic variation and demographic consequences,” written by Ruth, Stuart Wagenius and Charles Geyer, appears in a special issue on eco-evolutionary dynamics in plants in the Journal of Ecology.
  • Marcus defended his dissertation “Genecology and phenotypic evolution of whitebark pine (Pinus albicaulis) and ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) under warm-dry climate.” Congratulations, Dr. Warwell!
  • We warmly welcome Sam Weaver, a summer REU student from St. Olaf College who will be working on the Chamaecrista Project!

Spring 2015

Fall 2014

  • Congratulations to Jillian Reilly, an undergraduate research assistant for the Healthy Prairies project, who graduated this semester from the Environmental Science, Policy, and Management program!
  • We had a blast working in the prairies this fall! We successfully completed the first field seasons for the Chamaecrista and Healthy Prairies projects, and Amber wrapped up the penultimate field season for her Ph.D.
  • Amber was awarded a prestigous NSF-AISES grant, Lighting the Pathway to Faculty Careers for Natives in STEM. Congrats, Amber!
  • Nicholas passed his written prelims with flying colors!
  • Two of Seema’s dissertation chapters were published in Journal of Biogeography and Evolution.
  • Ruth received an NSF award for her project: “Potential for adaptation, and its realization, in natural plant populations”
  • Ruth, along with Don Wyse and Georgiana May, received support from Minnesota’s Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund for their project: “Healthy prairies: Seed storage, beneficial microbes, and adaptation.”